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You are looking for new supplier of Vietnam long grain, perfume rice and glutinous rice, black rice and red rice. You are confusing about Vietnam market, you know that there is a big potential from Vietnam market, but you do not find someone to help you explore. You are afraid of risks, do not worry and please contact me – an enthusiasm partner

Why Choose Ngoc Mai rice mill

Ngoc Mai rice mill have the group of silos, driers, milling and processing machines to supply domestic and foreign demand thousands of metric ton at every time.
We have more than 20 years in a rice milling industry. Rice may be packed in a variety of sizes, including vacuum bags. Every day, we can produce about 1,200 MT of rice. We also supply several of Vietnam’s largest rice exporters. Our products are rice packaging constructed of high-quality polypropylene.
In addition, all of our products must be passed the quality checking progress stringently to ensure that products reach the customer’s specifications (extruded yarn denier, withstand, heat and moisture, sunshine).
With store capcity: 10,000 MTS
– Milling: 10 – 12 tons/hour
– Polish: 10- 15 tons/hour
Ngoc Mai has maintained control over the standard “PURE RICE – HIGH QUALITY” from the stage of selecting a rice strain to the level of procurement. After the paddies are purchased, they are processed into finished rice and packaged into 5kg, 10kg, and 50kg bags. This standard ensures that rice is constantly fresh, and that the quality and flavor of each grain of rice is assured. This will prevent microorganisms from entering the system.

Bag is packed into any bags size and any material (as per buyers’ requirement). The bags of rice can be stuffed at total 25MT into one 20ft container. The large Bulk Order is available.

Commitment to service

Nearly 20 specialty Vietnam rice products from popular to high – end product, with prices fluctuates fascinating that will satisfy all our customers and especially housewives about of the price and quality of products.
Do not use artificial flavorings or preservatives, colour additives ensure natural aromanand natural colors of rice.
Do not use preservatives, plant protection beyond the permitted list. Nutritional quality in superior product compared to the same variety on the market.
Ensure standards of Department of Food Hygiene and Safety.
Committed to quality & on-time delivery.
gạo Nhật Ngọc Mai 2-min
All equipped modern testing laboratory at the mill.
Exceptional quality standards and quality assurance.
Expertise in matching the strictest customer requirements.
Complete solutions due to advanced Vietnam Rice milling machines.
Export experience to worldwide, reliable and consistent quality supply.
In depth understanding of milling, procuring, storing and exporting Rice.
Skillful and competent workforce with 24×7 monitoring of the production.
Extensive range of Vietnam rice long grain & perfume rice at competitive prices.

What kind of Vietnam rice do you need ?

  • Jasmine rice 5 % Broken
  • Purity 85% – 90% Vietnam
  • Long grain rice 5 % Broken
  • Long grain rice 25 % Broken
  • Long grain rice 50 % Broken
  • Long Grain DT8 5% Broken
  • Long Grain KDM 5% Broken
  • Glutinous rice (sticky rice) 5% Broken
  • Long Grain ST 21/ ST 24/ ST 25
  • OM 5451 5% Broken
  • Black rice
  • Red rice

Top 10 loại gạo chất lượng hàng đầu Việt Nam

What is Vietnam Jasmine Rice?

A variety of long-grain Jasmine rice cultivated in Vietnam. It is very fragrant and when cooked it is slightly sticky but flavourful. It is often used for traditional Southeast Asian dishes and is also known as Vietnam fragrant rice, a name that applies to the Jasmine fragrance provided when the rice cooks. So, people started calling it as Jasmine rice.

Vietnam Rice is called ‘white gold’ in Vietnam and in Sanskrit, it named ‘Dhanya’ and the meaning is “the sustainer of the human race”.

Growing jasmine rice on a large scale is not an easy job it takes time to nurture the crops, with water, fertilizers, and manual handwork leveling the land and maintaining water and moisture to reach all rice plants equally. Removing all weeds is a necessary task as well. Seeding, harvesting, and processing correctly yields high-quality rice.

gạo đài thơm tám 3 (1)

How long does it take to grow Jasmine rice?

Jasmine rice plants take four to five months to reach maturity. Jasmine rice grows rapidly, ultimately reaching a height of three feet. By September, the grain heads are mature and ready to be harvested. On average, each acre will yield more than 9,000 pounds of jasmine rice.

* – Broken (% max): 5%
* – Moisture (% max): 14%
* – Foreign matter (% max): 0.1%
* – Chalky kernel (% max): 3.0 %
* – Damaged kernel (% max): 0.5%
* – Red& red streak kernel (% max): 0.5%
* – Yellow kernel (% max): 0.5%
* – Paddy grains/ kg max: 3 grains
* – Average length of grain (mm): 6.8
* – Milling degree: Well milled, Double polish, Sortex
pp bag ( 1kg,5kgs,25kgs,50kgs)
25 Mts/ cont 20ft
L/C at sight, 30% deposit T/T and 70% copy Bill of lading
Delivery time

gạo Nhật Ngọc Mai 2-min

Healthy Rice – Black Rice- Red Rice- Brown Rice

There is no rice variety that is completely devoid of carbohydrates and calories, so if you are on a low-carb, low-cal diet you might want to stay away from rice altogether. Otherwise, you can choose from the following rice varieties.

Healthy Rice – Black Rice- Red Rice- Brown Rice
14.5 max
5% standard
Grade A
Average Length
6.7 mm
Shelf Life
18 Months
Milling degree
Semi milled, double polished, sortexed
Product Description
– Fresh, clean, good-looking & bright presence – Contains lots of good nutrients for health
– Present soft texture, sticky, a dark
purple looks & special natural aroma after cooked
– Suitable for diet, vegan, health purpose, food presentation.
Cooking method
– Rinse rice once to twice using clean water. – Soak in fresh & clean water 20 minutes before cook
– Bring to boil 1 cup of rice
in 2 cup of water (Rice : water – 1 : 2).
– After cooked, leave the rice rest in 5 minutes before serving.

More information about Ngọc Mai
Ngoc Mai Rice specializes in the production and delivery of quality standard rice, offering a source of pure and quality rice for charity, production, commercial and export units. Ngoc Mai is a dependable source of supply for domestic and international partners because to its commitment to rice quality. Commitment to not mixing rice and to not providing consumers with counterfeit items.
NGOC MAI – LONG AN NICE RICE CO., LTD has been offering high quality rice, including glutinous rice and red-black brown rice, for a long time, so if you’re looking forward to tasty yet healthy meals, don’t hesitate to contact us right away for purchasing guidance!

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