Here is our profile and statistics of our capabilities. The attachment is about ISO certificate and sample test paper, our working process.


1. Ricemill overview

Our factory is located on an area of 20000 square meters. 

Ngoc Mai have distributed across the country with 1000 wholesalers across Vietnam

It is divided into 4 zones: drying, polishing, sorting and storing

Our factory has over 200 workers. All of them were well trained to be very skillful and careful.

With more than 30 years experience in rice industry



2. Harvest grain

The rice is bought by traders from different farmers and sent to the rice mill to start a processing plant.

Rice is selected from hilly fields for the best yield and grain. 

After cutting, it must be brought to the factory immediately for best storage



3. Drying:

The paddy will then be categorized for drying in the oven with a moderate temperature. 

Figure shows how the rice is pumped up from a small boat to get to the kiln

The premium grade is dried for longer to create aroma and produces milky white rice


4. Processing plant:

The raw rice will undergo a whitening process to peel off the bran layer to whiten the rice grain.

Depending on the requirements of customers, rice grains can undergo two to three different whitening times. 

With latest modern technology machine from 2018, it produces fragrant white rice code that still retains the shine of the rice



5. Sorting:

To meet food safety requirements and increase the purity of the product, the polished rice passes through a laser processing machine to shoot/separate the bad, black grains from the rice stream.

We offer a wide range of plan-sifter and length graders which grade the rice into head rice, broken rice fractions and tips. We also remove bran lumps from the product






6. Packaging

Rice is transferred to good standard storage silos or according to the customer’s request, packing a weight of  50kg. 




7. Storing:

The rice is stored on each pallet, so that the rice is kept well ventilated and checked for quality strictly. 

We can put them into a dry preservation plant in a specialized rice storage



8. Loading process

The rice is loaded onto the conveyor belt and loaded onto  the means of transport or packed into a container.

Each pallet only contains a certain number of bags of rice

When the goods are loaded onto the truck, it will be checked by the counter on the conveyor. 

The quality control team will check it again for the last time.


9. Finished product:

4 popular type of export rice 

– The popular one is DT8, premium mild aromatic rice, the nutrient content of the rice is quite high.

– The ST24 received the Best World rice 2019 taste superior to other aromatic rice types, the nutrient content in rice is very  high. With an average length of more than 7.8 mm, St24 rice can replace Indian basmati rice,  and is of excellent quality.




10. Certificate, Standards and Grades

We meet Standards and Grades, have universally acceptance of international standards to grade paddy and milled rice among countries



11. Daily Activities



12. Specification Of FRAGRANT RICE 5% BROKEN

We give you a quotation of an estimated FOB price per ton. 

 – Broken (% max): 5%

– Moisture (% max): 14%

– Foreign matter (% max): 0.1%

– Chalky kernel (% max): 3.0 %

– Damaged kernel (% max): 0.5%

– Red & red streak kernel (% max): 0.5%

– Yellow kernel (% max): 0.5%

– Paddy grains/ kg max: 3 grains

– Average length of grain (mm): 6.2mm

– Milling degree: Well milled, Double polish, Sortex

– Crop the latest

 * Packing: 1-5kg PA bag/ 5-50kg BOPP bag/ 5-50kg PP bag/ 1-8kg Vacuum bag 

 * Loading: 25-26MTS/ 20FT 

 * Payment: T/T 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

If you want more advice, please contact Ngoc Mai Rice via hotline +(84) 908.226.966 or email for further information.

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